Academic Research

Since 2000 the faculty of SOG has undertaken over 800 research projects supported by the grants from the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program), the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), National Key Technology Research & Development Program, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, International Cooperation Projects and the projects funded by the ministries and provincial governments. The research fund has aggregate to over RMB 100 million and the research results were granted 38 awards from national and provincial governments. Academician Xiaowen LI was awarded the First Prize of Chang Jiang Scholars Achievement Awards. Prof. Baoyuan LIU was awarded the second prize in China's State Natural Science Award. In recent years, the faculty of SOG has published an average over one hundred papers each year.

The main direction of the research focuses on the principles and applications of Remote Sensing, GIS, Soil Erosion and Natural Resource Management, Environmental Evolvement, Urban Development and Land-Price Appraisal, Geography Education and Environmental Education, Environment and Heritage Interpretation. In addition, SOG has National Key Discipline of physical geography, and owns State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, Beijing Key Laboratory for Remote Sensing of Environment and Digital Cities, Key Laboratory of Environmental Change and Natural Disaster.MOE.BNU, Remote Sensing and GIS Research and the Land Research Center.

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