Teaching experimental center of geography

The Teaching Experimental Center of Geography was built in September 2005. It employs a staff of 5 full-time experimentalists. The Center provides an opportunity for undergraduates and graduates to apply course theory in a laboratory setting guided by experimentalist and staff. The Center also provides a platform for continued research and experiments for the professors in the COG.

The Center comprises nine teaching labs, occupying an area of 950 m². It is equipped with 390 sets of teaching equipment with a total value or RMB 4,700,000; and thirteen sets of which costs over RMB 2,790,000 each. The Center conducts and supervises 50 different lab courses for a total of 127 credit hours. Additionally, there are thirteen independent lab courses for a total of 25 credit hours, and 18 courses with over one-third lab classes for a total of 51 credit hours. The Center also offers 19 practical courses totaling 51 credit hours.

Director of the Center: Associate Professor Yang QIU

Vice Director: Senior Experimentalist Xiaofei GAO

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