Institute of Geo-spatial Information

Geo-spatial Information Institute relies on State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science in Beijing Normal University, and engages 21 full-time faculty members. It is in the leading position in the field of quantitative remote sensing theory. The institute owns Optic Remote Sensing Lab, Micro-wave Remote Sensing Lab, Hydrologic and Meteorological Remote Sensing Lab and “3S” Lab. The institute owns the field instrument equipment of all wave bands and professional software of RS and GIS and establishes Remote Sensing Base in Xiaotangshan and Huailai jointly with Beijing Agriculture Institute and Remote Sensing Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The institute cooperates with Boston University, University of Maryland and University of Wisconsin-Madison in USA on the academic research and cultivation of doctoral students. The institute has become the national talents-cultivating base of Remote Sensing and GIS. Cartography and GIS majors rank No.1 in a row for many years in the public appraisal for applying for university and choosing field.

Director of Institute of Earth Spatial Information: Professor Lixin ZHANG

Vice Director: Associate Professor Ziti JIAO.

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