Institute of Physical Geography

The discipline of Physical Geography in Beijing Normal University has always kept a traditional advantage. It is also the National Key Discipline and is authorized to set up the station of visiting professors by Ministry of Education. The institute now owns 17 full-time faculty members, many laboratories such as the University Key Labs for Soil Erosion Research, Nonpoint Pollution & Contaminants Transport Progress, Regional Geography, Climate Change & Landscape Pattern, Geomorphology & Sedimentary Environmental Analysis, etc; and Teaching Labs for Environmental Scientific Analysis, Geological Specimen Exhibition, Geobotany & Ecology, Water-Soil Resource Investigation, Weather Station, etc. The institute also owns the field practice bases for field experimental observation and research & teaching practice in Fangshan District, Miyun District, and Yanqing District in Beijing; Blackland Zones in Northeast of China; Fengning Bashang Grassland in Heibei province; Xiaowutai Mountain in Heibei Province, Wuling Mountain National Protected Area, etc.

Director of Institute of Physical Geography: Professor Guanghui ZHANG

Vice Director: Associate Professor Wenbo ZHANG.

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