Famous Scholars

Head of the Geoscience Department:
Changming LIU, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Science

Prof. Liu is the vice-president of the International Geographical Union and an expert of Hydrology and Water Resources. He is the chief scientist of the project Evolution Law of Water Resources and the Reproducible Maintenance Mechanism of the Yellow Basin—National Key Basic Research Development Project (Project 973). 



Honorary Dean:
Xiaowen LI, Academician of the Chinese Academic of Science

Prof. Li is the special engaged professor of the Cheung Kong Scholars Program of China. He is an expert in the basic theory of remote sensing and founder of the world famous Li-Strahler geometrical optics in the remote sensing field. He is also chief scientist of the National Key Basic Research Development Project (Project 973): Quantitative Remote Sense Theory of the Time-Space Multivariate of the Earth Surface and Its Application.



Professor Baoyuan LIU

Prof. Liu is the 2nd Prize Honoree of the China National Natural Science Foundation, Winner of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, member of the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, and member of the Excellent Young Teachers Program of MOE. He has engaged in the study of soil erosion mechanism & model and established the China Soil Erosion Forecasting Model.



Professor Jing’ai WANG

Prof.Wang is the winner of the National Teaching Master Award in 2006, leader of the national teaching team for regional geography, director of the teaching guidance committee in the school of Geography, head of the national master course program of China Geography, chairwoman of the Chinese Geography Teaching Institute for Chinese Universities, and Director of Beijing Normal University Key Laboratory for Regional Geography. She is also the winner of the first & second prizes of National Teaching Achievement Awards, Special prize of Baosteel Education funds for Outstanding Teachers, and also honoree of students favorite Top Ten Teachers in Beijing Normal University.




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